Welcome to Equilibrium Healing

When in good health we have more vitality and are able to resist disease more easily. Our energy levels are higher, we feel more positive in our attitudes and therefore happier and more able to make good decisions.

On a cellular level there is also an amazing balance where our immune system has the ability to restore the equilibrium if we do become unwell. Our bodies always let us know what we need to do to heal e.g. eat the right foods, drink water and most of all rest. However, we do not always listen especially when we are ‘too busy’ or ‘too stressed’. This can lead to a downhill spiral towards ill-health. Our bodies need rest and sleep to recover but when we are stressed sleep can be a big problem. Even relaxation is difficult as our negative emotions can take over. This is where natural therapies can help emotionally and/or physically.

The truth is that bacteria and viruses are all around us, even living on us and inside us. They only become a problem when they grow out of proportion causing us to become unwell.