About Helen Grundy

Helen Grundy is a registered member of the Association of Natural Medicine. She is a fully qualified Homeopath and life coach with  certificates in Counselling, Theta Healing and a post graduate certificate in Homeopathy. Helen has been in practise for 17 years. With a particular interest in natural medicine, Helen believes in a holistic approach to her treatment. This often involves searching for the root / cause of the patient’s ill health. Helen is an intuitive healer with the ability to find what is necessary to focus on for the patient to truly heal.   As a  child Helen questioned conventional medicine wondering why ‘if the medicine was supposed to make people better, then why did they have to keep taking it. Helen has had her own experience in life with a past history of Chronic Fatigue (M.E) and Fibromyalgia. After suffering for many years Helen decided to try Homoeopathy which is when her life changed for the better. As Helen healed she felt a strong need to inform others and went on to train as a Therapist and she now runs her own  Centre, Equilibrium Natural Health Centre based in the south west where you can find all that you need for Healing and Health. www.equilibriumnaturalhealth.co.uk

 In this modern world there is an increasing need for a more preventative approach to ill health as we are generally busier and more stresses and more pressure to perform. In this busy age we often lose sight of ourselves, our inner feelings and our higher conscious minds

As a Coach Helen loves to work with people who want to change their lives for the better and loves helping her clients to overcome any negative beliefs and to reach their full potential.

‘Helen’s life coaching skills have helped me personally, to dilute the negativity that was dragging me down. 
Taking time out from work and family commitments, to listen to myself in a safe, calm and peaceful environment, has actually rescued me and I am returning to my former, much better self and looking forward to my new life.
I am so grateful to Helen and fully recommend her.’