Personal Coaching with Helen Grundy

Intuitive strategist for success and wisdom

This coaching program is designed to be tailored to your needs, it will help you to be empowered, motivated and have focus in your life. Focus is so powerful, it is an absolute must!

 Your success coaching plan is your “Pathway to Power.” It is not based on hope. It is not based on theory. It is modelled after those who have already achieved the real results you desire through life success coaching, at the highest and deepest levels.

Helen will….

  • Help you to change your life to one of happiness and fullfillment
  • Work with you on your individual needs
  • Help you to remove and clear blocks
  • Release old negative patterns of behaviour
  • Allow you to truly be who you are

Enable you to move forward in life to where you want to be.

Your tailored coaching programme will give you

A 90 day programme of:

2 one hour  1 to 1 sessions a month , 1 check in 45 minute call per month with feedback and support with working through blocks and help with any questions that may arise.


‘Helen has completely changed my life. I am stunned by the power of positive thinking. I first saw Helen 4 years ago when I was 19, and in the space of 1 year I went from a miserable and unconfident hotel waiter to happy company director ending my first year in business with sustainable profit in the bank at the age of 20, so well worth the price of sessions, to not go to Helen is a false economy. I have found it important to have regular sessions and life gets better and better, amazing!’